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Dear Friends

Deaf Gamers is a website that I run in my spare time and the expenses it incurs are taken out of my own pocket. The website has now been running for twelve years (one as Deaf and eleven as Deaf and it has proved to be a costly hobby. I am no longer in a position to make major purchases for new hardware and I haven’t been for a few years now.

If you appreciate the service that Deaf Gamers provides please feel free to donate whatever you can afford. No matter how small the amount, it will be gratefully received and it all helps me to review games for the latest formats.

The alternative is that I’ll only be in a position to review games for the formats I currently have access to and eventually, as with the DS and PSP, they will become formats that have been superseded. I’ve never wanted to charge people for access to content on the website, as I’ve always wanted to keep the content accessible for everyone, but I must rely on the generosity of others to enable Deaf Gamers to keep up to date with the current hardware and in turn be in a position to provide feedback of how accessible today’s games are.

To send Deaf Gamers a donation to enable the website to continue to bring you reviews for the latest formats simply click on the ‘PayPal’ logo on the right side of this page.

Many thanks for your time.

Without the donations from the following people we would not be reviewing PlayStation 3 games.

Deaf Gamers’ Benefactors

Niall Burke (UK)
Ryan Morning (UK)
Barrie Ellis – (UK)
Jenny Gagne – BEWARE of ART (US)
Lee Golos (US)
Reid Kimball – Games [CC] (US)
Jeffrey Harris (US)
YellowBus All Aboard (US)
Edwin Tutton (UK)
Everyone @ (UK)
Michael Fellowes (UK)
Dan Davidson (UK)
Ruth Peres (Israel)
Angela Adams (Australia)

Items Purchased so far with your support:

Sony PlayStation 3
AMD HD5850 Graphics Card