GB Airports

Published by Just Flight
Developed by Barry Perfect
Platform: PC CD-ROM
Price £19.99
Requires: MS Flight Sim 2000/2002
Released: Out Now

A few days ago we looked at the excellent World Airports and to say we were impressed is perhaps a little bit of an understatement. GB Airports is a expansion pack that is very similar in nature to World Airports, except for the obvious fact that this time all the airports are British as opposed to being international. Again the overall standard is excellent and every one of the twelve included airports is very impressive. The included airports are as follows:

  • East Midlands
  • Manchester
  • London City
  • Birmingham
  • Newcastle
  • Edinburgh
  • Heathrow
  • Aberdeen
  • Glasgow
  • Stansted
  • Gatwick
  • Luton

Of course to Flight Sim fans accuracy is all important. I have only been to Birmingham out of these twelve airports and to me it looks very accurate. I have seen photographs of most of the other airports though and again compared to the photographs that I have seen they look to be very accurate indeed.

Like in World Airports, static aircraft have been used in the airports and this, for me, adds valuable atmosphere. Of course the amount of static planes is relative and it was great to see Gatwick had far more static aircraft than somewhere like Birmingham. GB Airports also includes different gate guidance systems such as AGNIS/PAPA, Safegate, APIS and marshallers. It's the extra detail like this that adds a lot to the Flight Simulator and it increases the realism one notch further which at the end of the day is what you're looking for from a Flight Simulator expansion.

The manuals in software packages these days, are often a flimsy affair that fails to inform you of all you need to know. Thankfully, or should that be mercifully for novices like me, this is not the case with GB Airports. A nice 128 page manual has been included and is very informative. The manual explains how to use all the gate guidance systems, visual docking guidance systems and marshallers in plain, easy to understand language so if you're new to Flight Simulator and already have a lot to learn, then these extra features won't complicate things further. All these new systems relay their information visually so there is nothing to trouble the deaf gamer. Also in the manual, are illustrations on how to find the gates on each airport as well as Flight Simulator Traffic Tracks.

Graphically the airports are very impressive and Barry Perfect has done an excellent job in making them look good without decimating the framerate. Of course the airports have to look good in the dark too and thankfully they look as beautiful when illuminated in the dark as they do in the daylight. With a modest Athlon 900MHz CPU the framerates remained decent, even when the detail was cranked up to full in Flight Simulator. Various landmarks, such as the Millennium Dome, have also been included to improve the look of the surrounding regions

GB Airports gives British airports some much needed improvement from the generic ones found in Flight Simulator. The extra features that are thrown in such as the gate guidance systems and marshallers etc., are simply a wonderful bonus for what is another first class package.

Overall Game Rating: 9.1/10 Another must have expansion pack for Flight Simulator. Of course the focus is just on Britain with this pack but the standard of the airports is still superb.

Deaf Gamers comment: No problems at all.