From here you can look at summaries of past television programmes of See Hear!
For those of us who love adventure games, this site is a must! Full of reviews, previews and news about everything to do with adventure games.
This is the web site of ELSPA, an organisation that gives age ratings to games. Even though these ratings are not mandatory, the games companies usually respect these ratings. ELSPA is a regulatory body that overlooks the content and packaging of games. They also target piracy.
This is an excellent website that informs you of cinemas that show subtitled films. It is updated regularly, with all the important news and events, and is very informative.
Media Movers,Inc. – Full service localization company offering services in captioning & subtitling in Asian,Indian & European languages.
Contact : Lawrence Vishnu
E-mail :
A resource of fun ideas and ‘assistive technology’ aimed at moderate to severely learning/physically disabled people.
Directory of British Sign Language and deaf related resources.