Blade II

Published by Activision
Developed by Mucky Foot
Platform: Playstation 2
Price £39.99
Released: Out Now

Most of you will know what Blade II is all about if you saw the original movie or indeed are looking forward to the sequel. As per usual with most popular movies a game tie-in is virtually guaranteed, although quality sadly isn't. With a popular character, Blade the vampire killer, as the main focus of the game, and with top developers Mucky Foot at the helm you would expect this to be a quality title. Alas it didn't quite turn out that way.

Blade II is an action game. Many moons ago Mucky Foot made a game called Urban Chaos which at the time was very innovative, and in many ways looks as though it was the inspiration of GTA 3 with it's fully 3D world and original and innovative gameplay. As I began to play Blade II it reminded me of Urban Chaos until extended play revealed that it was not worthy of the comparison.

So what's wrong with the game? Well basically it seems to have half-heartedly been put together. The game begins with a clip from the movie instead of a custom, specially created introduction for the game. The graphics are only marginally better than a Playstation title which is very disappointing. The animation is poor and the fact that enemies respawn when you return to an area that you have previously cleared is just irritating.

The gameplay itself is just mundane. Melee combat is performed by moving the right analogue stick in the appropriate direction. The more you fight, the more the rage meter will fill and once filled, Blade will take out his sword and let loose on the blood suckers. You can also purchase firearms to use but whilst these make very light work of your enemies you can not solely rely upon them because of the short supply of ammo, which you must purchase before each mission.

Whilst the game is fully subtitled, with the exception of enemy taunts, the text is simply too small on your average size TV. Of course the font that is used is also to blame, as it doesn't allow for easy reading. If you can live with sitting up close to the TV screen to read the text then you won't have any problems but for me this causes headaches and is not comfortable at all.

Blade II is your typical movie tie-in game, it simply isn't worth it. Games such as Max Payne or the soon to arrive Mafia are both superior games for the PS2 and far more worthy of your cash. If you are a fan of Blade then you'd be better off with the comics or the DVD.

Overall Game Rating: 4.0/10 Below average in most departments, Blade II is a massive disappointment for fans of the comics and movies.

Deaf Gamers comment: There are subtitles but they are just too small.