Sudden Strike 2 - First Look
Designed by Fireglow
Published by CDV

One of the most exciting RTS games of the last couple of years has to be Sudden Strike. The game made you feel like you were part of a war and not a five-a-side battle like so many had done before. Anyway moving on to summer 2002 and one successful game and expansion disk later we are eagerly awaiting the release of Sudden Strike II which is currently on target for the second half of this year.

The game will feature 5 campaigns. These are as follows:

German campaign
German campaign based on he events of the year 1943. In February/March of 1943 German army group "South" launched a counteroffensive against Russian "Voronezhsky" front. One of the main results of this offensive was repeated capture of town of Kharkiv and destruction of forces, defending it.
In this campaign you have to command light infantry subdivisions as well as large tank groups. Among of Sudden Strike II campaigns German campaign is the easiest. So, you will periodically receive hints and have enough forces even without saving some of your units from previous missions.

Soviet campaign
In fall of 1943 forces of Russian "Voronezhsky" and "Stepnoy" fronts launched a counteroffensive in the south. Surmounted Donets river and recaptured Kharkiv Russian forces reached to Dnieper river and forced a crossing over it. Later missions of campaign regarded to the year of 1945 and the Berlin operation
In Russian campaign you will not have large forces (except last missions), but you always will have the ability to take enemy weapons and equipment on your control. Among of Sudden Strike II campaigns Russian campaign is hard enough.

British campaign

British campaign shows first day of "Market Garden" operation at Holland in September of 1944 events. British 1st Para Brigade was descended near Rhine river and had to capture Arnhem city and defend it till main forces had come. Though descent was unsuccessful in main half of the Second Battalion reached Arnhem and took control over the north end of the motor bridge.
In British campaign you will mainly command rifle descent subdivisions and carry out diversionary missions. Nevertheless, among of Sudden Strike II campaigns British campaign is one of the hardest.

American campaign
Following the "Market Garden" and other more or less successful operations allies drives German forces back to Rhine river practically at full its length. 1st and 9th American armies consisting of allied forces took and an active participation in forced crossing on Rhine river.
In American campaign accent is to use accurate tactics since in many missions you will get the ability to use your units, saved in previous missions. Among of Sudden Strike II campaigns American campaign is easy enough.

Japanese campaign

Japanese campaign based on the battles on islands in Pacific ocean in period from the year 1942 to the year 1945. You have to fight against allied British and American forces. The campaign consist of offensive operations occurred in early period of war and defensive operations occurred on the later period or war.
In connection of the fact that Japan has no heavy armoured troops (in comparison with Germany, in example) and with mission design features Japanese campaign is the hardest among of Sudden Strike II campaigns.

Map Editor
The sequel will come with a map editor that allows you to create your own battles and campaigns.

The map editor is truly fantastic, even the early version that we saw was fully functional and provided loads of objects to create that battle that you've always wanted.

The Units
The units have been modified from the original game somewhat. The purpose of these changes has to create a greater sense of individuality between the units. These changes also give a different feel to the different nations.

Uses of some of the new units
Generals - Raise the morale of their units and are able to recruits neutral units. They can use binoculars to enhance their range of view.
Trains - Give troops covering fire over great distances.
Ships - Give troops covering fire over great distances, landing crafts carry infantry troops.
Propaganda units and sirens - Used to recruit neutral units.
Multiple floors and tunnels - Range of view of the respective units is dependent on their location indoors (higher floor means better range of view). Units can travel very fast from one side of the map to the other via tunnels (underground).
Kamikaze units - Attack the enemy and blow themselves up (in case they get that far)…

The game will also feature indoor and underground combat. The fog of war will also be affected by the weather conditions and you will now be able to use trains and you will also be able to attach special weaponry and carriages to the trains.

All in all Sudden Strike II is shaping up to be a very special RTS indeed.