Sudden Strike Forever

Published by CDV
Designed by Fireglow.

Platform: PC CD/ROM
Price £19.99
Released: Out Now

System requirements
Windows 95/98/98SE/ME/NT/2000
Pentium 233 or better
32MB of RAM

Sudden Strike has taken the RTS game playing community by storm. The W.W.II setting for the game not only ensured that the game was going to be fantastically popular it also meant that there was plenty of scope for future additions. It was only a matter of time before we were going to get an expansion to the game. Well the expansion is here and it's called Sudden Strike Forever.

So what does this expansion contain? Well the additions are numerous. There are 4 new campaigns, 7 more single missions, 20 mutiplayer missions, 30+ new units, a host of gameplay tweaks and a map & mission editor. It is fair to say that Fireglow have almost given us another game in terms of the amount that is in Sudden Strike Forever.

Graphically the game is identical to the original except for the fact that there is now an Autumn landscape to add to the original Summer, Winter and Desert ones. The Autumn landscape can be seen on the new USA campaign. Other new campaigns include the British, Germany and Russia.

One of the major gameplay additions is that you are now able to set the difficulty level of the game. Originally there was only one difficulty setting but now there are three with the easiest of these giving you a far easier time of things and being far more appealing to the beginner as the AI isn't as sharp on this setting. For those experts out there the Hard difficulty setting is for those who can complete the game with its original difficulty setting (although I would doubt that there are many).

Other additions include the ability for the generals to use binoculars to give a more precise view of the area, the ability to drive tanks backwards and also for your units to gain experience from being with an officer. New units include the American M-18 Hellcat, Mack 6x6, the British Matilda and Cruzader to name but a few.

Text feedback is identical to the original Sudden Strike and is suitable for deaf gamers. You can still pause the action and make tactical decisions so again the confusion levels are kept to a minimum.

Sudden Strike Forever is a great expansion pack that adds extra spice to what was already the finest W.W.II game in existence. If you like the original in any way, shape or form then you'll love Sudden Strike Forever. The only problem I found with the game was it would crash back to the desktop in some of the original campaigns. However, this has now been fixed with the latest patch (11MB) which is available here.

Overall Game Rating: 8.5/10 Gives Sudden Strike endless replayability.

Quality of text: 10/10 All info is again textually represented.

Graphics: 7/10 They do the job nicely.

Interface:8/10 The same as Sudden Strike.

Gameplay: 9/10 W.W.II in miniature.