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The Matrix: Path of Neo Xbox

Published by Atari
Developed by Shiny Entertainment

Much better than Enter The Matrix - Gameplay varies nicely between hand to
hand/guns/exotic weapons like swords.

Ever play a game where every level seems like more of the same thing? This
game has -

SHOOTING LEVELS (with so many different guns)

Just the training levels made the purchase of this game worth it for me, with
it's great homages to samurai epics, Bruce Lee movies, and John Woo films
like 'Hard Boiled'.

To test the games replayability, I played through the two sword-training
levels about 5 times. Each time, new moves were discovered, new situations
arose, calling for new strategies and new outcomes.

Many variables are built into the game levels, so none ever plays through
exactly the same way. The use of the Havok engine is very well done; just
about everything is destructible.

This isn't the best XBox game ever, but neither is it the complete turd some
reviewers are calling it. Definitely you should rent it to see if you would
like to buy it, but don't let the negativity of some keep you from trying
this game out.

As the game's title suggests, you become Neo in this game and literally walk
him along the path he took in the three Matrix films, and it is entertaining
to watch him progress from being Thomas A. Anderson, a software writer for a
respectable company, to becoming The One.  All the key scenes from the films
are here, to the scene where Neo desperately tries to avoid capture at the
company headquarters, to the final battle with Smith high in the clouds. 
Well actually, that turns out to not be the final battle after all; the
Wachowski brothers actually added on a most surprising ending to the game,
but I won't give it away. 

Any game where in one level you are recreating the Bruce Lee 'Enter The
Dragon' underground infiltration of Han's fortress, then fighting honourable
samurai with swords, and in the next recreating the opening tea house scene
from the John Woo movie 'Hard Boiled' gets a least a rental in my book!

Deaf Gamer's Grade: All cutscenes and even most of the in-game dialogue has
subtitles.  Highly recommended for deaf gamers.  B

by Brian Cates