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Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon ( #13) PC CD-ROM

Genre:   Adventure
Developer & Publisher: 
Her Interactive
Released:  September 2005
Price: $19.99

Nancy Drew is back in action and starring in her latest adventure Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon. In this ghostly case you'll have to team up with Hardy Boys, Frank and Joe, to uncover the mystery of Jake Hurley's legendary gold mine and see what's going on with the rumored ghost of Elizabeth Hurley. Has Lori been kidnapped? Has the ghost of Jake’s dead wife spirited her away?  Is she indulging in yet another publicity stunt? If you can solve the mystery of Lori’s disappearance, perhaps you will discover the mystery of Jake’s disappearance and the location of his fabled mine.

As Nancy you'll get to investigate by interviewing others on the train, cracking secret codes, unlocking hidden doors, and playing lots of fun games in between. The game play in the Nancy Drew mysteries has always been very user friendly.The whole game is played by using a mouse so all you need to do is point and click.

Decorated in lavish Victorian style, the train is filled with wood and marble carvings, colorful patterned carpets, stained glass, and Victorian curtains and wallpapers.  There are mysterious gadgets made of carved metals, reminiscent of something out of a Jules Verne story. A lighthearted sense of humor is evident in much of the game, but the game does touch on themes of betrayal, death, and the tests of character that wealth and celebrity status can bring. You explore all this using first-person perspective and in the role of the Nancy Drew character.

Jake Hurley’s train contains a knotty collection of puzzles. There are numerous different types of puzzles found in the train - inventory puzzles, pattern and sequencing puzzles, block puzzles, matching challenges, a mathematical scale puzzle, a word recognition puzzle, symbol interpretations, a board game, a couple of treasure hunts, and assortment of easy, timed mini-games. Most of these puzzles are challenging enough to your mind, although there is one puzzle that could keep you stumped for hours unless you have lots of patience.

The Hardy Boys are a welcome addition in the game. There had been speculation that the game would allow the players to play as either Nancy or as one of the Hardy Boys. Turns out it wasn’t true. Hardy Boys function mostly as Ms. Drew’s advisers and conversational partners, rather than actual participants.  Frank and Joe are handsome, engaging, well-spoken and polite.  They are the sort of young men who inspire the classic version of male Ken doll.
The graphics are as good as ever, especially the detail in the locations. Great for Nancy Drew fans, Hardy Boy fans, and adventurers. This game is entirely deaf-friendly, since all sounds and conversations are subtitled.

Overall Game Rating 9.0/10

Deaf Gamers Classification

DGC Classification A
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Challenging, but recommended for everyone.

Deaf Gamers comment: No problems for all deaf gamers.

Review by Kimberly Pellechi