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Rainbow Six: Critical Hour Xbox

Published by Ubisoft
Developed by Ubisoft Montreal

As an introduction to the Rainbow Six series, a great game. For people who
have played the earlier games - not so much.
UbiSoft did not cheat anybody with this game. Reading the game's boxcover
reveals quite plainly that this game is a rehash of previous levels found on
earlier Rainbow Six games.

What it is, is a great introduction to the series if people haven't played it
before. Levels have been upgraded, graphics improved, team and enemy AI
improved, but in the end if you've played the level as it was in an earlier
game, there's nothing here to ring your bell.

I read the ads and looked at the boxcover before renting it, so I knew
exactly what I was getting, and having played through these levels in their
earlier incarnations in the Rainbow Six/Rogue Spear versions, there are
plenty of improvements I noticed, but not enough to have made me want to buy
the game.

Still, this is UBiSoft's last Xmas present to the old XBox before they move
on to mostly writing stuff for the 360.

They took the best levels from the earlier games, revamped them, improved
them and put them on one disk. For a newbie, sheer heaven. For old hands,
maybe not even a rental.

The target audience is people who bought XBox's once they went real cheap
after the 360 came out, and didn't buy any of the older Rainbow Six games. I
know several people that purchased XBox's once it took that big price drop,
so I think this was a good move by UbiSoft.

For what it was made to do, introduce people to the RainBow Six franchise,
the game works exceptionally well.

For that reason, I give it a higher score than many here who were expecting
brand new stuff like was seen in Rainbow Six: Lockdown

Deaf Gamer's Grade: No in-game subtitles. All of the pre-mission briefings
can be read, so there's never any confusion about mission objectives, and
there's not much talking going on during the missions anyway, but still. 
UBisoft usually does a pretty good job of captioning it's work, such as the
Splinter Cell games, but we have to realize there are 4 different UBisoft
game developing studios (France, China, Canada, US) and they don't seem to
all be on the same page when it comes to captioning. C

Overall Score: 8.4

by Brian Cates